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Research Topics On Mental Health
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Top Research Topics On Mental Health in 2023

As the number of mental disorders is on the rise and more people get diagnosed every day, many students are looking for mental health research topics that allow them to find a possible solution to this widespread problem. 9% of people in the U.S. alone have eating disorders. In addition, many people suffer from mood and anxiety disorders, which hinders their chances of advancing their careers and living a happy and healthy life. Whether you have already discovered your main area of interest or want to find the location of specialization, selecting the right topic can increase your chances of making an impact. When looking for a case, think about who will read your research and how your paper can contribute to the field.

As mental health issues became widespread, they became a subject of public discussions. Because of the existing prejudice towards people with mental illnesses, such topics require a careful approach. By raising awareness about these issues, researchers contribute to building a society that doesn’t exclude people who have mental conditions. This article has rounded up the most popular research topics on mental health that will help you build powerful arguments. To select the most suitable topic, ask yourself whether it interests you. It won’t help you write a good research paper if you consider it boring. Read on to learn what to consider when selecting a research topic.

What Are Good Research Paper Topics Mental Health?

As many sources on mental health issues are available, you need to provide a unique take on the problem you decide to analyze. If you lack serious research skills, it might be a good idea to pick more accessible mental health research topics. When writing a research paper, remember that it won’t suffice to summarize what other researchers have said before. Instead of listing facts, please pay attention to the underlying issues that may have caused them. You can prove your hypothesis by presenting a clear argument based on the points that you decide to analyze in your article. Whether you want to build your research on existing sources or explore a new area, you must ensure that it is significant to other researchers. You can use the following topics as sources of inspiration:

  • The impact of obesity on mental health
  • Can video conferencing tools improve mental well-being?
  • The advantages of social media platforms for people with mental health issues
  • The importance of analyzing mental disorders in family psychiatry
  • What constitutes the basis of destructive behavior in people with mental illnesses
  • Why does childbirth cause depression
  • What is the impact of drug and substance abuse on mental health?
  • The most effective methods of curing ADHD
  • How do learning disabilities affect mental wellness?
  • How do the media portray people with mental conditions?

When selecting research paper topics, mental health professionals often prioritize the ones that sound innovative and eye-catching. However, it is better to pick a topic you know well, as it will add extra value to your research and make you an expert in the area you specialize in.

Interesting Mental Health Research Topics for College Students

Plenty of topics allow you to create and present a solid research paper. For instance, you may study the effects of different phobias on students’ academic performance, analyze eating disorders and the way they impact women’s chances to build a professional career, and study the ways of communicating with people who have learning disabilities. Additionally, you may take a closer look at the connection between self-esteem issues in children and high suicide rates among adult members of underprivileged communities. Take a closer look at the mental health research topics for college students that will help you make an essential contribution to the field:

  • The importance of mental education in modern society
  • How does physical health affect mental wellness?
  • Misleading perceptions about OCD
  • The leading causes of a bipolar disorder
  • How to analyze hereditary mental disorders in emigrant communities?
  • Taboos about mental health in media
  • Does cyberbullying cause mental health issues?
  • How to change psychopathic behavior?
  • Do self-esteem issues cause mental health problems?
  • How do toxic relationships affect mental wellness?

You can also use psychology paper topics as sources of inspiration, as many of them refer to mental health disorders. By combining ideas from two different fields, you can contribute to both of them at the same time.

Thought-Provoking Research Paper Topics About Mental Health

Your research paper should generate interest and drive other researchers to continue studying the topic. If you make a significant contribution, other researchers will cite your work, allowing you to advance your career. While picking easy mental health research topics might be a safe option to consider, it’s only by selecting a challenging issue that you can make an impact. However, avoid choosing complex cases unless you have an extensive background in this area. To ensure that you will be able to develop your research topic, narrow down the focus of your research. It will allow you to limit the number of sources you need to use and research the case more effectively. An engaging, thought-provoking issue doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to write a top-level research paper. However, it’s one of the stepping stones you can build your success on.

After looking through the lists of popular research paper topics about mental health, pick the one you can explore in detail. It will allow you to set clear goals and formulate the main research question you will answer in your research paper. Start by deciding which methods you need to use, define your primary focus, and start writing the first draft. For example, you may study the impact of social media on the well-being of people with mental disorders and analyze gender-related issues. By doing so, you can help to remove the stigma from mental disorder topics and contribute to building a more inclusive community.


What is a good research question for mental health?

A robust research topic allows you to conduct impactful research by narrowing down your area of interest. It should indicate which direction you need to follow to analyze the problem you want to solve. Besides, it should be relevant, thought-provoking, and require further development.

What are the top 3 mental health issues?

According to stats, anxiety disorders, depression, and PTSD make up 30% of all instances of mental disorders in the U.S. 8.4% of U.S. adults are diagnosed with depression. In addition, almost 10.5% of adult females had at least one depressive episode, which is why it’s crucial to explore this and other disorders in detail.

What are good mental health topics to write about?

The best topics are the ones that allow you to offer a unique take on a problem and show possible ways of its solution. For instance, many mental health research topics will enable you to write about the steps that can be taken to promote mental wellness and improve mental health literacy.

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