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How to Write an Introduction for a Research Paper

A research paper introduction is a crucial component of high-quality work. But many students wrongly assume that a professor doesn’t value the way they write opening paragraphs. The introduction sets up the topic and helps connect with the reader. Once you make an engaging intro, you capture the audience’s attention, and they have a better initial impression of your paper.

Aims of the opening paragraphs include presenting the topic, positioning your approach, revealing the research problem, overviewing the paper structure, and providing research background. Explain to the readers the importance of your paper, stating your rationale and hypothesis.
Let’s find out more about how you can effectively create an introduction to research paper.

Guide on Writing the Introduction to Research Paper

These simple steps will assist you in writing a catchy and informative paper introduction your professor will highly assess. So let’s move to write the intro, following five simple steps.

1) Topic introduction

At this stage, a writer should outline the research topic and issues connected to it. Prove that it is interesting and crucial to investigate. Include an assertive claim – a strong opening hook that may be a quote, statistical data, anecdote, or question. Use your creativity to attract the reader’s attention, but it has to be relevant. Briefly explain how you view the topic using simple constructions that introduce a reader to your study essence.

2) Literature Review

Then you have to summarize the sources used in your research. They are important for references you will make in the main body when developing a statement. A review of literature helps establish study significance and identify key research questions. Your point will look more credible when it is proved by experts in the field you refer to. Choose the most important studies that are relevant to your topic. Use works of famous scholars and do not neglect modern scientists.

3) Background Data

Context is a vital component in writing an introduction paragraph for research paper. These statements should be informative but not too broad. Outline the paper issue in general not resorting to details. In the argumentative paper, you should provide context and narrow down the topic. The empirical research paper requires describing previous research.

4) Thesis Statement

Now you have to move to specify the research objectives and provide a thesis statement. It reflects your position that will be supported further in the paper with arguments and evidence. Try to express your viewpoint in one or two simple sentences, not adding any details. In order to write a powerful thesis statement, you should research the topic, make your opinion on the issue, brainstorm, and review ideas.

5) Concluding Statement

You probably know how to write conclusion in research paper correctly, and an introduction needs also concluding statements. Here you can outline your research paper structure in a few short sentences. Make it concise and clear, and use present tense and special concluding phrases that will encourage the reader to explore your research.

Tips for Writing a Sound Paper Introduction

These tips will assist you in writing an introduction for a research paper more effectively.

writing an introduction for a research paper

Good Research Paper Introduction Example

A high-quality introductory paragraph is clear, logical, engaging, and informative. You can create a great intro following the above-mentioned tips, and here is a research paper introduction example.

Sociology is the scientific study of social life, change, causes, and consequences of human behavior founded by Frenchman Auguste Compte in the 1830s. The issue of deviant behavior has been studied by prominent scholars in the field, namely Sokol-Katz, Dunham, Zimmerman, and James. In recent years, instances of deviant student behavior have become more serious. This research aimed to identify the more significant influence on students in order to indicate the effect of social control on students’ behavior. This research included social control and compared and analyzed its influence on deviant behavior to find the influences of the teacher-student relationship, the parent-child relationship, and social control on deviant behavior.

As you can see, the introduction introduces a reader to the topic and gives general research information. Plan your intro and write it even when the paper is finished.

Final Thoughts

Writing a research paper introduction is a bit challenging and requires a good understanding of the topic and knowing certain rules. We hope that you have got valuable information on how to write an introduction for a research paper. You can do it, but if you need help, do not hesitate to address us for academic support.

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