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How to Write an Essay About Covid 19
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How to Write a Well-Structured COVID 19 Essay?

After the beginning of the pandemic, school and college tutors started to task their students with writing a COVID-19 essay exploring the impact of the pandemic on modern society. The coronavirus has fully transformed modern communication methods, changed how we work and communicate with our loved ones, and affected global markets and foreign policies. A well-researched essay should touch upon one of the socially significant topics and include a strong thesis statement. As many colleges put strong admission essays over test scores, it is now more important than ever to learn how to write an engaging article about the results of the pandemic.

Together with letters of recommendation, college essays play a pivotal role in the success of an application. You should study the available sources, analyze the works written by other people, and conclude. To report a solid COVID-19 essay, you need to develop a powerful thesis statement and demonstrate how the results of your analysis can be applied to solving a pressing issue. Read on to learn how to make your essay about the pandemic and its impact on modern society stand out among the rest.

What Is an Essay About COVID 19?

Such an essay may touch upon various topics related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you want to investigate the virus’s origins or analyze what contributed to the rise of anti-vaccination campaigns, you need to present a solid argument and defend your thesis statement. The size of your COVID-19 essay and the formatting you should use may differ depending on the requirements of your tutor. Before getting started, clarify with your tutor what needs your text should meet. It will help you avoid getting downgraded and achieve the highest praise. Your essay should include the following parts:

  • Introduction
  • The main body
  • Conclusion.

To write a powerful essay, you may reflect upon the impact of the pandemic on your life, touch upon the importance of the newest video conferencing tools, and analyze how students’ life has changed. An essay about COVID-19 should have an engaging topic that will demonstrate your unique take. For example, you may examine the benefits of virtual learning and contemplate the disappearance of extracurricular activities. Regardless of the case, you decide to explore, use reliable sources, offer viable solutions, and explore a problem from different points of view to defend your thesis statement.

Write a How Does COVID-19 Affect Our Daily Life Essay

If you look at popular nursing research paper topics, you will notice that they make it easier to explore a problem at hand from a unique perspective. By analyzing how the COVID-19 pandemic changed our daily activities, you can demonstrate what things our social life is structured around. For example, many students had to change their plans for their senior year and study remotely. Besides, their chances of finding a part-job were drastically diminished, which, in turn, worsened their chances of graduating debt-free. In addition, with the job market on the cusp of recession, their career opportunities became virtually non-existent.

How does COVID-19 affect our daily life essay, write about your individual experience and reflect on the restrictions shaping our social life. While some admission counselors argue that this topic might be too tricky as many students explore it, others believe it can help a student stand out and make their argument heard.

Top-Graded How COVID-19 Has Changed My Life Essay

This type of essay allows you to demonstrate that you have all the necessary skills to overcome the difficulties you may face. It will show that you can apply your knowledge to real-life situations and never give up. Such a COVID-19 essay may include paragraphs on how your studies were affected, tell about the health issues, and provide a unique perspective on healthcare institutions in case you or your relatives were admitted to a hospital. Instead of complaining and listing the reasons that prevented you from doing something, try to stay positive and show how you overcame the difficulties.

When writing a ‘How COVID-19 has changed my life’ essay, you may think about whether the government could have taken the steps to help students with their studies. Tell about how your plans to study abroad were affected and whether you could get access to the literature that you had to read. Focus on the moments that require improvement in case another pandemic breaks out. Explore the things that helped you to adapt to the new circumstances and try to stay as honest as possible, as it will help you win some points.

How to Start an Essay About COVID 19

If you don’t believe your experience differs from most people’s, it’s better to avoid getting into details. Many students wonder: “How to start an essay about COVID-19?” Write about how your identity was affected and tell a unique story that will inspire other people. When writing an introduction, you need to outline the impact of the pandemic on society, speak about the problems you encountered, and show how you overcame them. There are different types of essays:

  • Full-length essays
  • Application essays
  • Summaries.

If you need to write an application essay, avoid focusing on the pandemic and demonstrate that you will also touch upon other topics. To report a full-length college essay, create a detailed outline. It will help you structure your essay and select the points supporting your thesis statement. You may also be asked to write a summary of your experience. You may use one introductory sentence and write a thesis statement in this case. Don’t start your COVID-19 essay with generic phrases, as a tutor or an admission board member may lose interest. 

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