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Criminal Justice Paper Topics
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The Best Topics For Criminal Justice Paper

Criminal justice often causes a creative block in students. Unfortunately, a good topic is hard enough to find, so we have a list of criminal justice paper topics for you.

Topics For Criminal Justice Research Paper

  1. Inquiry is a form of investigation of criminal cases.
  2. Evidence in criminal proceedings.
  3. Extradition of a person for criminal prosecution or execution of a sentence.
  4. Differentiation and individualization of the execution of punishment and the application of corrective measures to convicts.
  5. Educational work with persons deprived of liberty and their general education.
  6. Criminal proceedings. Concept, reasons and grounds.
  7. The civil lawsuit in proceedings. Claim procedure.
  8. The operation of the criminal procedure law in time, space and circle of persons.
  9. Types of institutions and bodies of the state executing punishment.
  10. Defender in criminal proceedings. Concept and powers. The moment of admission of the defense counsel. Mandatory participation of a defense counsel in proceedings.
  11. Use in proving the results of operational-search, administrative and private detective activities.
  12. Inquiry in cases where a preliminary investigation is not mandatory
  13. Resumption of criminal cases under new and newly discovered circumstances.
  14. Publicity of trial is a principle of proceedings.
  15. Issues are resolved at the sentence execution stage and the procedure for their resolution.

Interesting Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

  1. The civil defendant in proceedings.
  2. The judge’s activity in directing the examination of evidence by the parties in the jury trial.
  3. The investigator is a participant in the process.
  4. The accused is a participant in the process.
  5. Disciplinary responsibility of convicts.
  6. The civil plaintiff in proceedings.
  7. Compensation for damage caused by illegal actions of the body of inquiry, investigator, prosecutor, or court.
  8. Actions and decisions of the prosecutors in the case received by them with the indictment.
  9. Evidence in proceedings.
  10. Issues are resolved by the court when sentencing a juvenile defendant.

Bonus Topics For Criminal Justice Paper

  1. Initiation of a criminal case in proceedings.
  2. Reopening cases due to new or newly discovered circumstances.
  3. Reopening of cases due to newly discovered circumstances. Concept, terms and order.
  4. The probative value of materials obtained at the stage of initiating a criminal case.
  5. State bodies and officials conducting proceedings.
  6. Reopening of proceedings due to newly discovered circumstances
  7. Compensation for harm caused by a crime in proceedings.
  8. Termination of prosecution during the preliminary investigation with the rehabilitation of persons.
  9. Types of investigative actions. Investigation protocol.
  10. The appointment of a court session is a stage of the criminal process.

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