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How to Write Papers Faster?
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How to Write Papers Faster?

When you start your way into college, from the very first year, you have to write a lot of academic papers. There may be difficult times when you will have to write three or even five articles in one week. At this time, you may start wondering if some advice might help you speed up the writing process and how to write a paper as quickly as possible. And the good news is that there are plenty of them, which we have collected for you in this article.

How to Write a Research Paper Quickly?

Writing is essential in college life, especially when writing essays or other papers. But the truth is that most modern students prefer to avoid writing, and most people will struggle even with some little assignments, not to mention works that need to be written quickly. However, we’d like to dispel the myth that writing and speedy writing require some special skills. With our tips, everyone can start writing papers fast, and you will finally stop searching “how to write paper fast” on Google. 

  • Minimize all possible distractions. Distractions are the first thing that prevents you from the fast writing process. Usually, it happens like this: you start your work, write a few sentences, and take an unnecessary break for 30 minutes to slide Instagram. Just turn off the phone, focus on work, and prepare for writing to avoid this. 
  • Study the question of discussion. If you want to write your paper as fast as possible, then you have to study the question well. Just make sure that you have checked all of the potential sources and related documents. We assure you that once you are aware of the topic of discussion, the writing process will speed up.
  • Create a brief outline for your paper. Another tip that will significantly help you to accelerate your writing is creating an approximate method for your article. This simple step is essential when you want to finish your paper on time. Just make a structure for your essay, and fill it with content, and you will see how fast you will complete your piece. 

Write a Research Paper Fast: Creating a Structure

If you want to know how to write a paper fast, you should know how to create a proper structure for your essay. The system is necessary for an appropriate and fast writing process. What is more important is that most of the academic papers have an eidetic structural construction. In this section, you will find out the main structural parts of your essay and some tips that will help you write your paper fast.

Creating an Introduction

A good start is a reason for success. That’s why your research paper introduction is a great way to do your writing as fast as possible. As you know, the introduction is a section that provides your readers with the topic of discussion. And if you want to write it fast, you need to develop a thesis – the main idea of your research. Once you create a theory, it will not be challenging to build your introduction around it quickly and easily.

Explaining the Methods in the Body

After you come up with the thesis and introduction, your next step will be to explain your research with the methods. In the body of your research paper, you will have to provide your readers with solid evidence and techniques that will describe the process done through the research. To write your essay faster, we suggest you divide your body into several paragraphs and provide each section with a different method.

Summarizing the Research in Conclusion

The conclusion in a research paper may be the part you will complete the fastest. However, it may still need some time. You need to understand that conclusion is an essential part of your research. And even one tiny mistake costs you a few points from your final score. But feel free because, in our next section, you will learn how to write a conclusion quickly but without losing quality.

How to Quickly Write a Paper Conclusion?

The writing of the conclusion is our final section in the guide on how to write a paper fast. And in this section, we’ve collected only the best tips that will help you in this matter. So, here are some of them. 

  •  Write a short conclusion. If you want to write your decision as quickly as possible, you should report it in only a short time. By the way, the summary of your research should not be tightened. Instead, make it logical and straightforward.
  •  Repeat your thesis. You should not think too long about what you should write in your view, remind your readers about the idea of your paper, and build your conclusion around it. 
  • Do not add new facts. First, adding new points is a grave mistake that may question your professionalism, and second, it may slow down the process of conclusion writing. 

Summary on How to Write a Paper Quickly

Let us briefly remind you of the main details that will help you write your paper quickly. First of all, you need to study the subject of discussion first. After that, you must create a temporary structure and follow it during your writing. Finally, make sure to avoid doing unnecessary steps, and make sure to write your paper according to the assignment. Make sure to follow all of the mentioned below, and you will be surprised by the speed of your paper writing.


How many pages can I write in a day?

We’ll be completely honest with you in this question. That’s why we hasten to assure you that you’ll be able to write as many pages as you want. Just make sure to put your mind in the right way, and you will see that you can easily handle a standard essay in a few hours.

How many pages can you write in an hour? 

If you want to write a qualitative paper, writing two or three pages of the standard essay is genuine. However, remember the experience because your writing speed will also increase when you become more advanced in writing accordingly.

Can I write a 5-page paper in one day?

It’s possible to write a 5-page paper in one day. Just make sure to eliminate all distractions, including your phone and social media. After that, clear your mind and focus on your work, and you will be surprised how fast you will complete your 5-page paper.

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