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Computer Science Research Topics: Complete List

Picking a topic for your computer science research paper is a challenging task. Unlike history research paper topics in which you can be sure about the facts, computer science trends are changing and developing fast. So everything new to you today will be a bit outdated tomorrow. And for a research paper, choosing the relevant topic is essential. So while you puzzle over different research topics in computer science, we have collected for you the best ones. See the list of the perfect themes below and pick up your favorite one!

Topics for Research in Computer Science: Top Picks

In your research in the computer technologies field, it is essential to depict the theme and make a personal contribution to its development. That is why choosing a topic you are interested in is the best tip you should follow. Here are 20 top research topics in computer science.

  • Advantages and disadvantages of imperative programming. 
  • What is the best operating system: macOS, Windows, or UNIX?
  • Asymmetric encryption: pros and cons.
  • Will quantum computers replace the usual ones in the future?
  • How to make cloud storage safe?
  • Developing software for portable gadgets.
  • Measures to prevent DDOS attacks.
  • How is virtual reality influencing human lives? 
  • Are coding and programming the same? What is the difference? 
  • Computer science in biotechnology: the cloning process.
  • Should education become completely computer-assisted? 
  • Open source software: how does it work? 
  • Modern tactics in cyber security. 
  • Parallel computing description. 
  • What is the reason for creating so many programming languages? 
  • How are computers and media connected? 
  • Blockchain technology for banking systems. 
  • Computer graphics recent developments.
  • The difference between imperative and declarative programming.
  • The future of 3D printing. 

Research Topics Computer Science: Get Your Inspiration

While you are thinking about the right topic for your computer science paper, other students have already been inspired by the topic ideas. In our following list, you can find for yourself a lot of the latest topics in the computer science field. Check them below to create your unique one. 

  • The third generation of biofuels.
  • Can solar power be produced from space?
  • The difference between data encryption and decryption. 
  • How does photovoltaic energy work?
  • Tidal power and its future. 
  • What batteries are better: gasoline or lithium-air ones?
  • Can 3D printing be applied in the food industry?
  • What technologies are used to discover parasites in products?
  • Electronic medical records: the technological solution for healthcare institutions. 
  • Are online medicine apps as effective as consultations with the doctor? 
  • 3D printing for the medical field.
  • What are the GPS navigators of the future?
  • Measures to prevent a smartphone from being hacked. 
  • The end of Elon Musk’s Hyperloop.
  • Benefits of using blockchain technologies in the transportation field. 
  • The main dangers of using AI for the human race.
  • The importance of programming for automatization processes. 
  • Will cryptocurrency substitute real money?
  • Measures of safety to prevent crypto wallets from being hacked. 
  • Will water-fueled cars become widely used?

Research Topics for Computer Science: Ideas for Your Paper

Haven’t you already found your perfect research topics in computer science? Don’t worry. We have prepared plenty of them for you. Feel free to come up with your ideas, as we provide topics only as examples. 

  • The importance of exact sciences in game development. 
  • Computer-generated imagery in the modern film industry. 
  • Motion capture technique for creating realistic character models.
  • Usage of AI in the current car industry. 
  • Automation processes in contemporary production. 
  • Why is there no universal programming language?
  • What kind of computers will we see in the future? 
  • The usage of embedded systems in the business field.
  • Are ATMs secure to use? 
  • Data backup methods overview: what are the most efficient ones? 
  • Modern technologies in government elections. 
  • What is the programming language frequently used in game development? 
  • What is a game engine? And why is it important?
  • The importance of developing an MVP for successful application creation.
  • Influence of computer science on the spheres of human activity. 
  • Education and usage of modern technologies: advantages and disadvantages. 
  • Addiction to video games: is this a real problem nowadays?
  • Do e-books prevail over the usual paper ones?
  • What is computational mathematics?
  • How to protect data when using wireless networks?

Research Paper Topics Computer Science: Final List

You even have hundreds of research topics for computer science students who might need help deciding which is the best. So we want to provide you with bonus themes around which you can build your paper. Here they are. 

  • How does the 5G network influence communication?
  • Is smart home a flawless technology?
  • Will computer modernization increase the efficiency of workers?
  • The latest discoveries in computer science.
  • How to protect your data: an overview of the most effective ways.
  • Are self-operating vehicles safer or more dangerous?
  • Comparative analysis of video gaming in the past and nowadays. 
  • What technologies are used in sports betting?
  • The importance of MATLAB software for the healthcare field. 
  •  What is the future of cyber security? 
  • The usage of AI in machine learning. 
  • CGI technologies in movies. 
  • Can computers substitute for real teachers?
  • Comparative analysis of hybrid and electric cars. 
  • How are cloud technologies used in the pharmaceutical field?
  • Genome editing technologies: pros and cons. 
  • Robotic surgeries: pros and cons. 
  • Overview of the Smart energy network concept. 
  • What is high-dimensional data?
  • Machine architecture overview. 
  • FPGAs in crypto acceleration. 
  • What is extensive data mining? 
  • ICT in the healthcare industry: how are they connected? 
  • Vaccine development with the help of modern technologies. 
  • What is an artificial neural network?

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Which topic is best for research in computer science? 

The best pick for your research paper in computer science would be the topic you are interested in. Also, while choosing your topic, pay attention to the theme’s relevance. Finally, please pick up the one that is modern and controversial and make your contribution to it!

What are the current hot topics in computer science? 

Modern technologies cover a lot of topics. For example, you can do your research on blockchain technologies, artificial intelligence, machine learning, game designing, and many other fields. Also, you will find that computer science themes that are connected with ecology are also trendy!

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